Valley of Tears

After The Unity Wars the remaining followers of Shie the White Witch were forced to flee for their lives from their hilltop monastery south of Galadale.

The Coven of Light, as they were known in the days before the war, retreated into hiding; reduced to less than a quarter of their pre-war numbers. They followed the Sandfish River further where they discovered the swift currents passed through a strange, gleaming valley. The stone walls of the river valley were bleach white, in part due to the thousands of tusks and bones of a long extinct beast.

In this valley the Coven wept for their expulsion from the monastery and for beauty of the place they found some refuge in. They settled in the lost place, just south of the borders of Thron and west of The Ruggy Hills. There they built a new home, dug into the bones and stone that rose up, framing the sky a hundred feet above.

The Valley of Tears is the new home for the Coven of Light. To find the valley by land one must travel through the Thornwood and navigate the dangerous rocky mesas beyond. It is possible to reach the valley by river, but the rapids and jutting rocks prevent travelling by boat. Because of these natural protections, The Eburnean Cloister has remained untouched by the king and his Lustrators.

Valley of Tears

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