The Coven of Light

Founded nearly two centuries ago by a powerful warrior and mystic who cast off his birth name and answered only to the title-Hensa, a word meaning venerable in the old tongue, The Coven of Light were a force working for betterment of mankind in the days before the Webrian Monarchy.

Part religious order and part arcane ceremonialists, the Coven performed their ceremonies and trained in their weaponless fighting styles in a stone abbey built atop a hill near Galadale. After the passing of Hensa, the leadership of the Coven passed to several notable figures, but most notable of all was a fourteen year old girl named Shie. Shortly before King Renet Webrian I seized control of Ophen (now known as Thron, Shie had a vision of a two headed beast; one head was angelic and wise and the other cunning and malevolent. She believed Renet Webrian I was the earthly embodiment of the duality possessed by the monster in her vision. Sworn to protect humanity from such corruptions, she joined forces with two other dissident leaders and made war against the fledgling monarchy.

When the king used never before seen tactics of questionable morality, Shie willingly gave herself up in hopes her surrender would convince the king to stop his merciless actions. She, along with the other two leaders of the anti-monarchist forces were executed publicly at the base of The Tower, where their remains still lie entombed under the intimidating spire.

The Coven of Light fled their monastery and for forty six nights the surviving members fought to stay alive in the wilderness, travelling south along the Sandfish River. The eventually came to a valley and settled there, building The Eburnean Cloister in the walls of the white stoned river valley.

The Coven have not been seen in Thron ever since, and little is known of their current way of life. Occasionally pilgrims and intrepid historians or cartographers will endeavour to find the Cloister, but none have returned alive.

The Coven of Light

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