Experience Log

Experience points come from several sources. I am currently trying a very by-the-book system. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Story – Developing the story is worth experience points. Time spent on meaningful plot, story, character or other narrative development gains experience.
  • Quests – Quests represent clear goals that the party has chosen (or sometimes been forced) to pursue. Experience is gained for completing quests.
  • Skill Challenges – Overcoming non-combat obstacles in a skill challenge also awards eperience.
  • Combat – Experience is awarded for defeating creatures in combat.

Session 1: Three Visits
(200) Story – The party is formed and a plan is hatched.

Session 2: The Dig Site (200)
(100) Story – The instigators appear and offer cryptic riddles.
(150) Skill Challenge – Entering the dig site
(150) Combat – A mad gnoll

Session 3: What Lies Beneath (600)
(200) Story – The mysterious properties of this place are explored. Questions of greater purpose are considered.
(300) Combat – Abominations in the stacks
(300) Combat – Wraiths and portals

Session 4: Prisoners? (1,400)
(100) Story – An encounter with another being apparently lost in the mysterious library.
(300) Combat – Fey spiders
(250) Combat – Black dragon wyrmling

Experience Log

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