DM notes for players

I won’t be adding anything else to this page. Instead I’ll add points to the adventure log as required.

This is a place for me to reiterate story elements that came up during our game that I think might be interesting or important. Please add your own points as well.

Session 5
The party of treasure hunters that passed you by seemed pleasant enough. Their clothing and equipment was of a style unfamiliar to you, as if they hailed from another world or another time, perhaps an age of wonder. Left to his own devices in the shadows, Tarq the Wrack has faded into the darkness. Creatures of flame climb up from a deep chasm, and battle is joined! Why do half the creatures here want to kill you?

Session 4
After a rest you find that the energy in the portal room has changed and is now bright, and fierce. The spiders you battle exude the same sort of wild, fey energy. Tarq Reedrunner bears the title of “Wrack” which appears to be a term for the justicars and troubleshooters of the Fen Riders. He seems to think this place, which he calls Hollowmountain, is some kind of prison and was escorting a prisoner, Shale, who has escaped from him.

Session 3
The creatures you faced were aberrant, they were like no living thing. Truly abominations. Later you faced less alien beings in the form of restless ghosts and spirits, though still an unwelcome encounter. The energy of the portals is dark and full of shadow. The mad whispers and movements are gone.

Session 2
None of your companions saw your interaction with your “instigator” and, in fact, each of you experienced a different meeting entirely as you stood outside the doorways that led to the buried foundations. The gnoll seemed very concerned about water. There were mad whisperings and things glimpsed out of the corner of your eye.

Session 1
Each of you was visited by a mysterious character who suggested pursuing an investigation of the ruins beneath the construction of the new library.

DM notes for players

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