The Unity Wars

A century ago man lived in the chaos of petty tyrants and tribal wars. The human lands were an unknit mosaic of strongholds and nomads. Because of the chaos, human kind was vulnerable to attack, exploitation and the cruel whims of the other races.

During this age, a young warlord rose to power in a city known then as “Ophen”. Charisma, daring and a keen military mind culminated in the emergence of the first true human leader. From his stronghold he reached out, offering the neighbouring human communities security if they agreed to fall under his rule. Though some challenged him, within an decade the Webrian family had seized control over the majority of the farmland and waterways. In Ophen, young Renet Webrian ordered built a tower to stand as symbol of the vigilance and care he offered the men and women living under his flag. The tower was a stunning achievement and soon after its construction the young warlord was proclaimed King.

However, there was dissent in the human lands. Not everyone agreed the tower of Ophen offered enough for the price of loyalty. Together they formed a resistance bent on overthrowing the upstart king and establishing a rule by council. The resistance banded together under the banner of three chieftains. Mezzin of Galadale, Drothe of The Hether Hills and Shie the white witch rallied their forces and influence and plotted to overthrow the fledgling monarchy.

War came once again to the human lands. Firmly convinced that rule by council was tantamount to returning the human race to quibbling insecurity, King Webrian sacrificed all he could to stop the resistance from establishing firm ground. In a series of events that continues to be debated upon to this day, the King salted the land of his enemies, and burned their forests to the ground. He poisoned the water and the air where they set camp. He was merciless. Having never seen such tactics, and demoralized from their effects, the resistors retreated and dispersed. The three chieftains were executed in Ophen where the dust of their bones still sits chambered at the base of the tower.

The war was over, and the Webrian rule had begun. Shortly after this victory the King declared the city of Ophen would now be called Thron and thus began the age of united man.

In sight of the Tower, no one is alone.

The Unity Wars

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