The Towers

“In sight of the Tower no one is alone”

The Towers are both the physical manifestation of the power of the Lustrators and the primary means by which they protect the people and lands under their care.

Modeled after the Tower of Thron, the Towers share a number of features. They are generally in the centre of a settlement, but a large city like Thron may have a primary central Tower and then a ring of smaller Towers to protect regions out of the observation range of the central Tower. If the settlement has a Specularis it will be located at the base of the Tower.

The two most visible features of the Towers are a ring of windows covered in blinds that allow the watchers a 360 degree view of the surrounding area, but that also prevent anyone outside the tower from seeing in, and a series of holes which allow those inside the Tower to fire projectile weapons at any threats to the peace. In a small settlement these weapons might be no more than crossbows, but a larger Tower might have ballista mounted on swivels and the Tower of Thron and the other Towers in that city are armed with Bolt Throwers.

All but the smallest Towers also serve as a garrison for the local Lustrators (or the security watch in settlements too small to have a significant permanent Lustrator presence) and as the holding place for those found to be in disaccordance with the law.

Traditionally Towers were placed within established communities in order to protect them from threat, but recently there has begun a program of first building the Tower and then bringing in settlers to build a community around it. This has been a great success and is helping to spread security to previously unsettled regions.

The Towers

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