The western regions of The Kingdom of Thron are hilly and mountainous and largely uninhabited. With the recent destruction of the most westerly human settlement of Talon, the presence of man is even more diminished.

Attempts to build communities in the west have been stymied by several factors. Wild beasts, attacks by the unpredictable Mountain Ghosts and poor crop lands all keep the King’s people from establishing a firm foothold at the foot of the mountains.

Amongst the wild beasts known to attacks and terrorize pioneers and traders in the region is the horrifying Stonewyrm. Also known as the Rock Prince, this enormous lizard is said to have the ability to run on sheer rock faces as easily as the ground below.

Ranging from bright red to dull orange in colour, the Stonewyrm typically grows to fifteen or twenty feet in length. Its primary means of attack comes from its enormous front claws and heavy clubbing tail.

A solitary creature by nature, the Stonewyrm will pair for mating once a year.

The smiths of Galadale have successfully created shields from the Stonewyrm’s tough hide and claws which has a natural resistance to cuts and slashes. Because of the difficulty in acquiring these materials, the shields are very rare and valuable.

Stories of a much larger wyrm deep in the mountains have always existed, and there have been claw marks spotted on cliff faces that support the stories, but none who have seen the giant variety have returned to tell about them.


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