In the days before King Renet Webrian I vanquished his opposition and built his throne in old Ophen, the humans were besieged by a fearsome race of creatures known as the Scalor.

After The Unity Wars the king fought hard to drive the malicious humanoids from the human lands. His first obstacle as king was to cleanse the Greymud river and the farming areas to the east of the Scalor, who dwelled in their muddy mounds wherever land met water.

Standing taller than the average human, a Scalor is lizard-like humanoid with a long snout and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Wielding crude clubs fashioned from dead wood or weapons stolen from caravans and homes, the Scalor are a cunning enemy.

Driven south and north by the monarchy nearly 75 years ago, the Scalor remain a threat at the borders of the kingdom to this day.

Scalor found living or wandering the kingdom proper are hunted and slain mercilessly.

Scholars note that the Scalor seem to worship a deity of some order and artifacts of this worship are routinely dug up along the Greymud and other waterways.

The Scalor have not been a serious threat to mankind for a generation, but people travelling at the edges of Thron still encounter them.


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