On Creating Characters

You can be pretty free with your character choices, but try to get a sense of how your character fits into the world before you do something truly bizarre.

Starting location is wide open, in fact it might be interesting if not everyone started in the same place. With that said, I’m also very much in favour of seeing characters who have a connection of some kind, perhaps a prior meeting or current acquaintance, or even a mutual experience, like you were both at the Sack of Talon.

Don’t be too concerned with the flavour the rules provide. Make changes to the non-mechanical aspects of your character as much as you like. If you really want to play a half-orc but you feel that there isn’t really a place for such a race in the game world, call it something else. All the rules regarding half-orcs are the same, but they are instead members of the hill tribes to the south-east, rather than the half-breed offspring of orcs and humans.

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On Creating Characters

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