The Lustrators are an order of warrior/inquisitors working under the rule of the current king. Established at first to protect the monarchy against rebel wizards after the banning of arcane magic, they now also crush those who worship gods or other divine entities. With magic and worship being outlawed and punishable by death, it is the Lustrators who enforce the king’s proclamations.

Lustrators are men and women who possess supernatural powers of an unknown origin. The king believes that such citizens are “connecting to the full potential of the human race”, drawing their powers from naturally occurring energies available to all humanity. Citizens found to possess the raw power are trained by veteran Lustrators to harness their gifts augment their melee prowess and stamp out any who defy the king’s laws.

Most recently the Lustrators led the army in the razing of the zealot-ridden city of Talon. The destruction of Talon is largely considered the Lustrators most impressive victory.

The head of the Lustrators is a woman from the northern regions of the kingdom. She has risen above other potential leadership candidates due to her significantly stronger connection to whatever serves as the source of the Lustrators superhuman powers.

The Lustrators are divided into several martial groupings. Initiates are placed in their group depending upon the strength and nature of their powers.

  • Loyalists: The basic foot soldier. Their spears and spiked fists punch holes in the enemy line. Their power takes the form of enhanced defenses and force waves capable of knocking opponents to the ground from a distance.
  • Binders: There is always one Binder assigned to any Lustrator unit. Though unarmed, these warrior healers are found on the front lines of battle. Well shielded from magical and physical attacks, binders use their power to seal the wounds of their comrades and bolster their morale with inspiring chants.
  • Reavers: Lightly armoured to compliment their unnatural speed, the Reavers enter the battlefield using positional advantage. Flanking, retreating, outmaneuvering-these are the tactics of this fearsome warrior. They wield wicked blades in each hand and use their power to leap across enemy lines to strike from behind.
  • Juggernauts: Standing twelve feet tall, these steel plate clad invincibles crash through enemy lines and fortifications, crushing any who stand in their way. Inside these massive suits of armour are Lustrators who use their power to bolster their strength and endurance to superhuman levels. Armed with massive steel hammers and the terrifying bolt thrower, a single Juggernaut is worth a hundred loyalists.
  • Strategist: Far from the front line, the strategist is the cunning leader and planner of a Lustrator division. Using their powers to forsee the enemy’s plans and position, they use their uncanny intuition to ensure their forces have the highest advantage on the battlefield.
  • Ascendant: A secretive order of high-ranking Lustrators who steer the larger body of the organization. An ascendant can be from any of the roles listed above.

Existing at arm’s length from these groups are The Six, an elite group of Juggernauts who carry out missions that are, for one reason or another, felt to be unsuitable for the general military forces to undertake.


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