Leaf Imp

Dwelling in many of the remaining forest of Thron are the feral and elusive leaf imps. Originally thought to be demonic in origin due to the large and elaborate horns protruding from their wide heads (thusly named imps), the leaf imps are now seen as one of the natural residents of the forest wilds.

Standing a little over two feet tall, with a long hairless tail. The leaf imp resembles a horned cat with a broad face and large feline eyes. Their colouring ranges from black to dark brown with the oldest imps taking on shades of grey.

Not generally dangerous, leaf imps will attack when provoked.

Lately stories of leaf imps breaking into wealthy homes near Galadale and nearby towns and stealing shiny objects have surfaced. Why the forest animals would be interested in pots, jewelry and buttons is mystery to local authorities.

Leaf Imp

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