Heimir's Background

Heimir Drotin was born to a farming family north of Galadale along the Greymud river. His father, Reng Drotin, served in the Galadale Guard before retiring to farm the various wild berries that grow in the more northerly region of the kingdom. His mother, Giya Drotin, was the daughter of silk merchants in Thron.

From an early age, Heimir displayed formidable powers. It was not long before the Lustrators heard of the young boy who could bind a horse’s broken leg with his hands, or send wild-dogs yipping away in terror with a surly glance. When he was eleven, a Lustrator recruiter came to the farm and explained to Reng and Giya that their son had access to humanity’s true potential in the form of his supernatural abilities and that it would be safest if Heimir was under Lustrator care.

The Drotin’s reluctantly agreed and, giving Heimir a simple locket as a reminder of their love, sent their young son away with the Lustrators.

In Thron, Heimir learned to harness his powers and to fight as a member of a Loyalist Unit, who trained to create movable shield walls on the battlefield. Heimir excelled in his training, but found he had to restrain himself from using his powers to their full extent in order to fit in.

When The Lustrators marched on Talon, Heimir joined his unit in assaulting the zealot filled towers. During one battle, Heimir called upon abilities not yet shown to his unit-mates in order to save them from certain death. Though they were thankful, they were afraid of Heimir and reported the anomalous display to the ranks above. Heimir was removed from his unit shortly after the fall of Talon and was subjected to a series of interviews and tests designed to tease out the hidden powers.

Eventually classified as unfit to serve as a loyalist, the Lustrator command forced the still young warrior into retirement. Afraid of the potential chaos Heimir might bring to his unit and thusly the whole of the Lustrator ranks, the command released him from their ranks.

Heimir drifted from job to job in Thron. His parents dead and their farm now turned back to wilds, Heimir felt lost.

He took a position as a labourer for a foreman in Thron and is currently working on the new wings of The Great Library.

Heimir does not know where his powers come from, nor does he believe they are the next step in humanity’s rise to power. Sometimes he sees lights where there are none, and he often hears a voice call him when none are nearby. He is haunted by his abilities, and feels as though he has lived his life half-asleep. He wears the locket given to him by his parents around his wrist.

Lately, Heimir has been having philosophical discussions with an odd ruggy green who serves as a janitor and errand-runner for the library masters. He counts Spivak among his few friends. Heimir has recently revealed to Spivak that he has been having strange waking dreams involving a great inverted crimson spire that descends from the sky and pierces the ground nearby. Fearing madness, Heimir has begun to seek out those souls left who are willing to help a troubled spirit. Though the king has outlawed faith, worship and ceremony, Heimir hopes he might find the truth behind his gifts through those who rebel against the king’s tyrannical decrees in the name of security.

His visions and voices have been increasing recently and his behaviour is becoming slightly erratic. He is desperate to find the last of the holy men and women to seek their counsel but doesn’t trust the humans due to the likelihood of being turned in as a “believer”. He sees the rugmen as a potential solution for his mental anguish.

Heimir's Background

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