Gospel of Asheel-Pakrin

Once upon a time in the land of the gods there was made a well to nourish those who served the divine powers. All servants could drink from the well and the crimson waters it contained allowed the servants of the gods to be strong and to build followings for their patrons on the mortal planes.

But some servants grew greedy. They plotted to drink more than their allotment in hopes of becoming strong enough to build their own followers. They drank gluttonously from the well and became engorged, crawling away into the shadows to hide and rest. Ages passed and the servants lay torpid in their hiding places until finally they emerged, not as the gods they wished to become but as monsters. Twisted by the corruption of their desire and the excess of the divine succor, they fled the land of their masters and escaped into the lower planes.

The gods wept for the fall of these servants and in their wisdom built a great crimson tower to guard the well and prevent such tragedies from occuring again. From the mortal plane they extracted a young devout and made him divine, placing him in charge of the spire and the guardians of the well.

The mortal’s name was Asheel-Pakrin and when he first looked upon the well he knew what it contained. The well’s waters was made of the blood of the gods themselves. Blodvell, he named it-The Blood Well.

“Asha-Pakrin, guardian of the Crimson Spire, safekeeper of Blodvell, let none who are corrupt drink from this holy place” said the gods. “Build for yourself a following in the mortal world to keep yourself strong and to keep the fallen from returning for more. Arm yourself well with the faith of mortals, for if you fail, the Blodvell shall be exposed”.

And so the keeper built his following in the mortal plane; granting his followers a portion of the powers contained in the Blodvell. He devised ways to ensure the servants of the gods received only their fair portion of nourishment. He alone fed the masses in the land of the gods. By his power was the Blodvell kept safe.

Again ages passed, and the fallen loped hungrily in their planes of shadow and smoke. They plotted and planned once again. The Crimson Spire was too strong to assault directly, so they conspired together to weaken it at its foundation. They dug holes into the mortal planes and there they planted doubt in the minds of the mortal races. They sought to destroy the tower by deceiving the mortals into a state of faithlessness . So we come to the present; the fallen shave away the faith of mortals and with each thin layer that is shorn, the Blodvell descends closer to their lips.

Gospel of Asheel-Pakrin

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