The Foundation is big and its various parts are sometimes named by those who visit them. To an outsider the geographical nomenclature of the Foundation takes some time to comprehend.

The Focus is “held in balance” by the Four Pillars.

Four Pillars
Chaos Shard – Tied to the primal energies of the Elemental Chaos.
Silver Spire – Connected to the celestial realms of the Astral Sea.
Twilight Tower – The Shadowfell.
Ancient Tree – The Feywild.

The Four Pillars and the Focus are stratified into several levels, known as Realms.

Immortal Garden
Deathless Scriptorium
Library of Ages
Immemorial Museum
Unbroken Vault
Eternal Gaol
Enduring Catacomb
Unfading Forge

Within the Foundation are small regions with specific names and attributes. These places are known as Demesnes (dɨˈmeɪn).

Black Bridges
Inviolate Enclave
Bright Sanctuary


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