The Bearfiends are an ill-tempered, simple and violent race of humanoids who call the forests around Lake Isen home. Broad in shoulder and long of arm, these loping giant-kin were the bane of Kellimir before the Lustrators cleansed the immediate area.

Called “Bearfiends” due to their ursine facial features including a snout and large set of incisors and eye teeth, and the thick fur that covers their body, these brutes live in small tribal communites not unlike their more civilized cousins.

Bearfiends are still a threat in the north and attacks on caravans are frequent. They wield primitive clubs and wear uncured hides to shield themselves against the elements.

It is said that the smell of the fiends arrives before them, and the wolf hounds of the Halon Rangers track them easily by scent.

The average Bearfiend stands nearly seven feet tall and carries a great deal of muscle on its wide frame.


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