Tomes in Amber

Session 9

Some highlight from session 9 include:
1-Abandoning the evil Shale without so much as a goodbye in the gate of 8 room.
2-Battling more shimmering aberrations and their nefarious whispering at the point of entry in the Silver Spire.
3-Our weapons crackle with the foundation’s energy. Power-ups for all.
4-A meeting with some keepers and their leader Castanoake yields some interesting information:

  • Most keepers feels they are called to their work in the foundation.
  • The Arbiter sends the keepers out to find artifacts he/she considers in danger from being looted.
  • He refered to some people as The Thieves of the Gods.
  • He sent us merrily on our way, telling us to avoid Black Bridges and go east, using the stones on the floor to guide us…


Meshon Meshon

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