Tomes in Amber

Session 7

So a few interesting developments this time around.
1-A skill challenge to convince a group of Keepers with crossbows not to shoot us through the jaw is semi-successful.
2-The leader of the unit was crazy.
3-Spivak walked calmly up the stairs killing the Keepers whether fleeing or fighting.
4-Vagn continues to have difficulties rolling over 10.
5-Orders found on the dead leader’s corpse read-“A new node has opened. Go to the Library in the Chaos Shard to repel looters.” This leads to the conclusion that there are various “shards”. We have been in the library shard.
6-Heard the last of the Keepers being killed and then an evil cackle.
7-Met Shale, a fen-rider who committed some very serious crimes to get imprisoned in the foundation. He said he wanted to get sent here. He said he found something very old a long time ago and he learned something from it and his learning led him to the foundation. He said there was an object here he wants. Shale is clearly amoral and likely evil. He has surrounded himself with thralls and somehow commands them to do his bidding.
8-Convinced we weren’t after his precious object, Shale allows us to journey with him deeper into the foundation.
9-Session ends at a locked door with 9 other doors surrounding it.

Loot found this sessions:
1-4 waterskins
2-100 gp worth of Key Carving Powder.
3-Heimir and Vagn each took a crossbow and some bolts.


Meshon JonS

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