Tomes in Amber

12: The Inviolate Enclave

  • You Gain entrance to the Arbiter’s stronghold in the Inviolate Enclave.
  • Garen the Guard, Tarq the Fen-Rider, Valedi the Seneschal and Drenn the Traveler are a few of the Keepers whose acquaintance is made.
  • A terrifying Call grinds through the stone. Garen claims it happens often now, every few days, though it used to be far less. Sometimes people are “called away” in a burst of fire and blood. Their bodies always return to the same place, minutes or hours later, always slain in some horrible manner.
  • You hear the story of Terendas the Traitor.
  • The Arbiter will see you after you submit to a binding ritual.
  • Drenn provides a lesson in Geography.
  • The Seneschal suggests some alternatives to binding that may gain the Arbiter’s favour and allow you to see him:
    • Some Keepers went missing recently in the Ivory Hall and news of them would be appreciated.
    • The Arbiter is seeking a source of arcane Thunder power.


Meshon Meshon

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