Tomes in Amber

Session 10

Some very interesting developments this sessions.

1-Travelling through the Bright Sanctuary we came accross piles of debris. The debris slowly took on a strange narrative, seemingly illustrating important part on the Stormcrown history. The piles went from deep in the past towards more current events.

2-More squeaking from nearby; surely we are being stalked a little.

3-Attacked by a strange hawk which met its end and is now fated to sit rotting on Spivak’s belt…

4-Hit a wall. We travelled along it, passing a set of stairs that ascended onto the level above.

5-Choosing to head north we came upon a web shrouded bridge where our lights faded in effect. Upon the bridge we were assaulted by giant spiders and worse: a strange humanoid spider who attempted to cut us into pieces with an axe. Vagn’s bullish shoving ended the lives of the spiders, sending them spiraling into the shadows beside the bridge. Eventually the abomination succumed to our combined attacks. We continued along the bridge until stopped by the a malevolent


Meshon JonS

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