Tomes in Amber

Adventure Log Reborn! Session 6

100% more useful

The adventure log is undergoing a format change. It’s here that I will record any notes I take during the play session that seem relevant and important. Please feel free to add things as we go.

DM Note: This is awesome. See below for my additions.

Highlights from this session include:
1-Fire Baddies climb up and get done in.

2-Encounter an old scholar from (before?) the Zithin Empire. Name is-Estrecan (is that right?)
Actually his title is Estracan.

3-Long conversation with Estrecan highlights include:

  • Estrecan has been wandering this place for a very long time. He no longer requires water. The Zithin were rumoured to have conquered death.
  • The room we met him in was new and because of our actions in the room, it will remain permanent.
  • Lastalans are divine warriors from an age ago. Heimir is a Lastalan according to Estrecan
  • He referred to us as seekers, but he pointed out we weren’t sure what we were seeking.
  • He spoke of two rival factions in the foundation: The Keepers and The Redeemers.
  • The Keepers: The Keepers believe that the Archive is a place where the gods keep those items and secrets that not everyone should have access to. Their leader, the Arbiter, is the final judge of who is given access to what.
  • The Redeemers: Driven by hatred of gods. He mentioned they were dangerous to Heimir.
  • There are seekers, jailers, shapers, hidden sages. These are names he has given to the different people visiting the foundation.
  • The 99 is a pantheon-he mentioned; this fragment of a list of their titles or names was found in a book: -* The Smiling Hawk * Agony’s Crusader * The Mark of Ages * Cold Comfort * The Bone Gods * Wisp * Sunder * Oath * Iron Hand * The Watcher * The Silent Cold * Gasper * The Maiden’s Sorrow * The Benevolent Tide * Broken * The Hanged Man * Omen of Ice *
  • He said there were 3 keys-3 boxes-3gems. The one who possesses those controls the foundation.
  • He said the foundation was turning to madness and that this was bad.
  • He said we were as likely to pass a god as a rogue on the stairs. He said the Keepers were upstairs. see below

4-Iron fist became iron miss.

5-We concluded that we were meant to restore order and balance to the foundation. We are not sure how to do this.

6-Sweet level 2.

DM Notes

On the Origins of Creatures
You’ve seen bright fierce spiders from the Feywild, hungry ghosts from the Shadowfell, a gnoll, a fen-rider and some treasure hunters from the World. You’ve also met creatures born of the Elemental Chaos and twice now, creatures from a place far less sane, a realm of aberrations, a realm far from mortal ken.

What is that Noise?
Squeak, squeak. Squeak, squeak. Like an old door swinging in a fetid breeze sweet with the smell of decay, like the axle of a heavily-laden corpse cart rolling over rutted earth, like the winch and pulley that lifts caged criminals to die of thirst or exposure hanging from the city walls, it comes when unwarranted and leaves before it explains itself. Squeak, squeak. Squeak, squeak.

It is a title, half remembered from Spivak’s vast book-hoard of lore, a title for any powerful and respected scribe of the Zithin Empire. You did not actually see him write “And the three rested safely,” in a book, though he acted as though he had.

The Archivist
It was, in fact, a note from the Archivist which read, “You are as likely to pass a god as a rogue on the stairs.”


Meshon Meshon

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