Tomes in Amber

Horrors, Wraiths and Portals

What are the Nightmares of Nightmares?

The three pressed on, driven by their curiosity and fear and the nagging sensation that too much time spent in the unreality of the foundation might have lasting effects on their own corporeality.

They edged their way into a new chamber and found themselves assaulted by crawling, floating, half dreamed abominations who scrambled from behind bookshelves to caress the heroes with their sickening tendrils.

Spivak retreated down the hall while Vagn went to work drawing their eyestalks towards him. Heimir stood the line, as his Lustrator training took hold, keeping the oozing cretins from rushing the keymaster.

Their attempts to control the battlefield were thwarted however when it was revealed that among the horrors was one rooty nightmare able to fly and float over their well-intentioned position.

A crawling brain seemed the likely leader of the pack of evil and so the party focused their energy in bringing it down. The cleaner fussed with his keys and launched a cloud of nightmare upon the throng and they curled in terror like leeches met with salt. Heimir wondered what then, might the nightmares of nightmares be? Some died on the spot, others were slowed in their movement.

Crimson fire, brute blows and the cackling of the Keymaster eventually felled all but the avian breed of translucent wall walking malevolance. Floating high above them, the aberration taunted them, lashing out with psychic energies beyond the reach of the fuming Stormcrowner who made several attempts at scaling a mighty table before hurling a hapless chair at the creature, knocking it senseless for a moment.

Heimir stepped forward and faced it, calling upon his un-revealed powers, the blood-soaked veteran made known his ill-intent and caused the creature to flee in terror down the hall.

After several more minutes of battle, Heimir eventually lit the monstrosity on fire and it burned wholly, submitting its strange husk to the ash and the ether.

The fallen remains of their enemies disappeared shortly afterwards which further strengthened the hero’s concerns that the foundation was not rooted well in any known plane.

After a brief rest they pressed on, watching as the ectoplasm left behind by the vanquished other-worlder’s disappeared before their eyes. The time had come to inspect their point of entry into the strange place and so they returned to the stairs that had changed into a doorway.

As they returned to the mutable entry, they wondered aloud a little at the riddles they were given by the enigmatic instigator. The discussion was interesting and the details of it will be recorded here at some point in time.

The stairs that had led them into the foundation had now become a doorway leading to short hallway. Beyond the hallway, Vagn went to inspect a new chamber which featured three magical portals, some glowing with arcane energy and some not. A haunting of spectres had convened moth-like at the portals, but the heroes had not the time to contemplate the sad stories of the lost souls because though the portals were as candles to the flickering horde, the life-essence of the heroes themselves was as the full moon.

The undead flocked. Amongst them was one powerful apparition who brought with it an aura of biting cold that made everyday movement slow and difficult. The heroes had learned much of one another’s powers in the few hours spent plumbing the dark halls together and they moved into a defensible position quickly.

Vagn showed his impressive war skill by taunting several of the floating menaces at once, keeping them occupied and away from the other two.

Spivak fumbled through his keys and cackled maniacally as he offered up a great bronze key with a grim death’s head as it’s thumbturn. He blasted the spirits with an explosion of malevolence that far out-did the spirit’s own evil, evaporating several of the ghost mass.

Heimir slashed at his arms and like a sculptor of blood did he carve a vision of the Crimson Spire itself before him. Exploding, the vision left behind a barbed shard which Heimir controled as if it were his own hand. Placing the biting remnant behind his enemies, they found themselves caught between Vagn’s raging blows and the piercing slivers of the shard.

They remaining wraiths fell quickly and the heroes slumped. Though they had been in the foundation less than a quarter day, they had seen much battle and decided to rest before continuing their exploration.

Retreating to safer chambers, the heroes blockaded the doors and sat themselves upon the cold stone floor. Did the portals offer an escape from this place where madness grew like mushrooms and each soul they met offered nothing but hate.


Meshon JonS

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