Tomes in Amber

Whispers by the Well

The Foundation runs deeper than first thought.

Bluffing their past a burly guard to gain entrance into the under-library, our heroes mustered their courage and descended through the recently unearthed great doors. There they found themselves transported to a space once removed from ordinary reality, for when they turned back to gaze through the doorway behind them, they found the dig-site and Thronian night air replaced by caverns and emptiness. Trapped suddenly in the un-reality, they pressed forward into the darkness.

Whispers rose around them but like swiftly moving clouds, they changed their shape before being fully apprehended. In the dark they came across a houndie by a dry-well who mistook the heroes for interlopers bent on stealing his imaginary well waters. Fired upon by arrow and bow, the heroes scattered to defend themselves from the rugman’s ill-conceived aggression.

Vagn closed the gap on the villain quickly and menaced the creature’s life with his preposterously dangerous craghammer. Through subtle mind tricks did the dwarf keep the enemy’s attention upon himself, allowing the keymaster to retreat into the shadows and granting Heimir the time required to work his strange blood magic.

From his cover, the goblin transformed the essence of nightmare into energy and hurled the crackling missiles of shadow with unerring accuracy into the furfiend’s heart.

Keeping his distance from the keen edge of the beast’s battle axe was Heimir, who offered crimson fire to his enemies and the gift of his own lifeblood to his wounded companion.

In the end Vagn’s hammer transformed the gnoll’s skull into a strange geometry which surely was unfit to sustain the creature’s life.

Victorious they pressed on and found a small room of books, whose topics, like the whispers all around them, were obscured by the strangeness of the place.

Another doorway lay ahead. They rallied. They prepared.


Each adventurer has a vision of his instigator.
“Find me a name,” says one to Heimir. “There is great power within. Prevent the undeserving from taking more than their share.”

Vagn’s warrior tells him, “Make sure the ages do not forget our names. Make your ancestors proud to meet you when time comes for you to go to them. Sometimes the best stories are the ones you write yourself. Your actions in the library are always remembered. Make them worth remembering.”

The Shadow Man tells Spivak, “Cleanse the Archive. Remove the taint from this place. And you must learn to take what this place holds, and also leave something worthy behind when you leave.”

Whispers by the Well
Meshon JonS

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