Tomes in Amber


That upon which we will build

In the beginning comes an invitation. Three souls come from across the continent, working together to build a library; their histories soon to merge.

Vagn, a self-exiled warrior from the wave battered Stormcrown Principalities, labours in the stones of the new library wing to earn enough coin to pursue his further travels. Hot headed, a drunkard and a doubter of the new, peaceful direction his people have taken, Vagn seeks to grow his war skills and prove that the dwarves of the northern reaches have not all become soft traders and gadget obsessed navel gazers. As his coin purse fills, so does his wanderlust.

Heimir, veteran of the War on Talon, now cast out of the Lustrator ranks for showing too much promise. His powers a threat to the high ranks, he was deemed a danger and now must work what jobs he can find to earn his living. Haunted by visions and voices, he is seeking the source of his abilities. His blood is a gift to others, his gaze terrible to behold. How long can this aging ex-loyalist continue to toil before his back breaks? How close will he come to madness before he finds the answers he seeks?

Spivak, uncommon amongst his breed. Rugman, servant, janitor, master of keys, cleaner of books, all these titles does he hold. What cunning plots does this simple-acting goblin harbour in his ruggy green mind? Cantrips of light and helpful hands are his to command but what other darker magics does this marshman hide? If he would but look you in the eye long enough, you might glean some truth, but no-he is your servant and keeps his gaze on the floor.

All three find themselves invited to enter the mysterious foundation below the library. A midnight sojourn into the depths of the unknown sitting below all that is known. What awaits them there? Vagn, Heimir, Spivak-the foundation is revealed and it is stones-stones in the darkness.


Meshon JonS

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