Mar 21, 2011: This campaign is more or less closed, but we are telling other stories in the same world. Check out Throne of the Architects for more.

Mar 20, 2011: Changing Focus, a new campaign set in the Wild Western Reaches is underway.

Jan 4, 2011: Next game Tuesday, January 11. Interrogation of the Lustrator Harrier continues on the forum.

Dec 15, 2010: The myriad factions of the foundation clash, the pillars turn, and the focus falls out of balance. Back after Christmas.

Dec 10, 2010: Next game Tuesday, December 14.

Nov 9, 2010: Next game on Tuesday, November 23. Currently purging all instances of the definite article from wiki page titles. Check the Adventure Log to catch up and add your own observations!

Nov 8, 2010: Next game on Tuesday, November 9. Don’t forget to review the Adventure Log at least!

Oct 17 2010: 10 minutes of gaming bracketed by 90 minutes of technical issues is highly unsatisfying. We will relaunch on Tuesday, October 26.

Oct 12 2010: And a black dragon wyrmling breathes its last acid cloud…

Oct 7 2010: Updates continue, forums added, and the next game is planned for Oct 12.

Sep 29 2010: Third entry Horrors, Wraiths and Portals is written in the Adventure Log.

Sep 28 2010: Second entry Whispers by the Well is written in the Adventure Log.

Sep 15 2010: First entry Foundations is written in the Adventure Log.

Aug 27 2010: Wiki undergoing some organizational changes.

Aug 24 2010: Added a new section to the wiki called Campaign Metagame.

Aug 22 2010: Communal world building in full effect.

Aug 19 2010: Player Character Heimir uploaded to the site. Multiple additions to the
Wiki have been written.

Aug 17 2010: Campaign site created. Work on Wiki begun.

Tomes in Amber

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